Orxa Energies expands its manufacturing capabilities by 10x ahead of the Mantis’ Launch

Orxa Energies expands its manufacturing capabilities by 10x ahead of the Mantis’ Launch

The new office space houses Orxa Energies’ R&D, Mantis assembly and testing center, along with a test track, adding to the charm of the facility

Orxa Energies, a high-performance electric vehicle, and energy systems startup based out of Bengaluru, has inaugurated its new facility at Bommasandra Industrial area spread across 1 acre. The new facility accommodates its research and development activities, the Mantis assembly stations, battery assembly lines, and product testing center, and has a capacity that is ten times larger than the previous one.

The joint R&D and production facility will enable Orxa Energies to leverage its strong in-house engineering talent to vastly improve the vehicle tech as well as the production and assembly methods used in the Orxa motorcycles. The announcement comes ahead of the launch of Mantis, the company’s flagship electric performance motorcycle.

“The EV revolution in India is touching new heights and the ecosystem we see is growing by the year. 2023 is a critical year for us, finally, bringing the Mantis to the people. We are excited to share the engineering marvel that we have developed in-house with our engineering team,” said Ranjita Ravi, Co-Founder, Orxa Energies.

Orxa Energies’ new facility has been built centering on sustainability as its focus. The new facility boasts its own vehicle test track made out of recycled plastic and an EcoSTP for the facility. An onsite composting system and rigid recycling process ensure they generate less waste. The campus reused all of its old office furniture and equipment and has also installed EV charging stations for 2 and 4-wheelers.

Speaking of the launch of the new facility, Dr. Prajwal Sabnis, Co-Founder, Orxa Energies said, “The substantial investments made towards building this facility reinforce our journey towards preparing the Mantis and other Orxa offerings for demanding customers. Over the years we have been actively improving our product offerings, making the Mantis an equivalent to the best-in-class ICE motorcycle.”

Orxa Energies raised its pre series round of funding from the SAR group last year. The development has played a pivotal role in accelerating the company’s roadmap to Mantis’ launch. Furthermore, Orxa Energies has now opened for track days for the Mantis in various cities in the upcoming months, and you can book your slots at mantis.orxaenergies.com/signup.